Welcome to DoEdu, a blockchain-based educational platform.

Our service is under development, but we encourage you to read the offer as you can find something interesting for yourself and probably earn some extra money from being on the first line.

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The Product

Our product consists of several mutually supportive services.

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Educational materials creation tools

We are gonna provide free tools for creating educational content, a space for storing them, and facilities to share them with a targeted recipients group in an interactive way. This involves creating freemium and premium materials as well.

Free educational materials

Any educational materials marked as free will be accessible by any account without any fees.

Premium educational materials

Any content creator can create premium materials and set a fixed purchase price for them.


A content creator, like a teacher, can be tipped for his or her created and consumed freemium materials.

Private locked prize

Funds can be locked as a prize for passing specific materials or tasks. An example from everyday life is a parent locking $5 as a reward for his son for passing the algebra lessons.

Public locked prize

Prizes for succeeding with lessons or tasks can be funded by anyone for any specified target group. For example, a charity foundation funds $250 as a reward for a group of children that will succeed with higher mathematic topics.

Funding premium materials

Premium materials can be purchased by any person or non-person entity and shared with a given group of recipients.

Educational pools

Funds can be placed as an encouraging reward for authors who will create valuable content in a given educational category. Pools have different popularity levels based on the interest calculated from the votes of students and learners.



The world is becoming more and more digitized. This is particularly true in the case of the education sector. According to Market research, the global Education Technology (EdTech) market will grow by 18.1% to eventually reach USD 285.2 billion by the end of 2027. This is quite a big and…

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Lisk AmpliFire event presentation

We would like to announce that we had the pleasure to present the DoEdu project at the Lisk AmpliFire event. A short presentation can be found in the linked video. Enjoy watching ;)

Our team

We are IT professionals with a vision and an enthusiasm for making the idea a reality.


Experienced programmer, technical designer, and technology enthusiast. Exploring the blockchain industry for a few years.


He has more than a decade of experience in Information Technology. He worked as Full Stack Engineer, Solution Architecture, Product Owner, and DevOp Engineer for reputed firms. He is always open to learning new skills and technology to enhance professional career growth.


Almost a decade of experience in commercial projects as a programmer. Personally interested in extending persons' (as well as his too) abilities to learn.